Happy At Home Professional Pet Sitting

   your pets can be happy at home when you cant be there  

Getting Started  

First we will schedule a meet and greet - which will take approximately 20 min for an initial home consultation.  At this time we will be introduced to your pets,  fill out information forms, and learn about your pets needs, designated area, feeding and exercise routine. We will discuss what plan is best for your pets. 

At this time we will acquire a house key. Keys are coded so that there is no connection to the home they belong to, and are kept in a locked secured area when not being used, or can be returned after each pet sit. Many people prefer for us to keep the key for future pet sitting occasions, or for those times that you are unexpectedly delayed in getting home and  need to place an emergency pet care call to us.

Invoices are left at your home during last scheduled pet sit and payment can be made by check, cash, or through our website with paypal for your convenience.

They say do something you love for a living and you'll never work a day. So I'm doing what I have loved my whole life. Spending time with animals and giving them compassion and care and receiving it in return from them. All the while helping others. Sounds like a pretty great job!